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The Video Library aims to provide information about Marshall Gurney Institute, how it works and how you can access our powerful and extensive range of learning resources.  A unique feature of our Institute is that we present our learning resources in such a way that you can simply use the learning skills you developed at school, at college or at university.  You don't have to develop a new set of skills in order to acquire new knowledge - just use the ones you have always used.  The videos will show you how this works - and how we have made access easier for you.

If you have any queries or would like to make a contribution to these videos, please contact the Institute Director at

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What We Do +

Learning @ Marshall Gurney Institute - Part One

This short video presentation gives an overview of how Marshall Gurney Institute was designed.  Its purpose is to show how we have structured our knowledge resources to make your learning activities truly accessible.

How It Works +

Learning @Marshall Gurney Institute - Part Two

This video presentation shows you how to access the learning resources available with Marshall Gurney Institute.  Its aim is to demonstrate the range and power of the resources available to you whilst studying.