The Forum at Marshall Gurney Institute

…. where discourse and dialogue create understanding and advancement


The Forum at Marshall Gurney Institute ...

... is a place where discussion and dialogue are held to be fundamental to the understanding and advancement of individuals, enterprises and communities, where individuals can grow in knowledge and stature, where enterprises can create ethical wealth, and where communities can flourish and be self sustaining, across boundaries and obstacles whether real or imagined.

Marshall Gurney Institute ...

  • ... operates from a wholly web-based Campus and is powered by a dedicated learning platform with an in-built pedagogic structure and a wide range of diagnostic and learning tools available to learners and lecturers. It is available to all registered students at all times of the day from anywhere in the world via any internet access point.
  • ... contains a vast portfolio of management knowledge which is continuously updated and always available to all students registered with the Institute. This is accessible through browsing, searching, selecting search macros or through following structured learning programmes.
  • ... contains the tools and facilities for providing formative, reflective and summative feedback. It also contains supervisory tools for monitoring progress and social networking tools for creating supportive learning cohorts.