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Our management college, Marshall Gurney Institute, offers all enrolled students open access to all the learning resources available on our web-campus plus unrestricted use of a wide range of learning tools and our own private social network and discussion forums.

You can choose what to study by simply selecting from the courses offered by our dedicated centres of learning available on the Campus.  Alternatively you can use the learning needs analysis tools to structure a personal programme of learning which guides your studies towards your own chosen aims and goals.  You also have a personal development planning tool available for scheduling your learning plus a range of tools for monitoring your learning achievements and progress.

At any stage you can opt to sign up with a tutor to gain additional help and support.  Similarly you  can choose to submit your assignments for formal assessment and accreditation.

Students pay a flat fee for an annual access licence or pay by a monthly subscription.  Additional fees are payable for additional services e.g. tutor support or assessment / accreditation, whenever these options are selected.  Students can choose these options at any stage of their studies.

All learning and support services are fully accessible via any internet connected desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone devices.



The technology underpinning Marshall Gurney institute was developed for powering in-house corporate universities and is used every day by thousands of managers in blue-chip and house-hold name companies around the world.

The team who formed Marshall Gurney Institute have re-purposed this technology to create the world’s first web-based Management College with the aim of providing easy, 24/7, low cost access to high quality learning, and enabling many more individuals who want to manage their own Continuing Professional Development to do so.  At the same time we have enabled companies who wish to reduce the cost of training their staff to achieve significant savings and increased the return on their investments.  Alternatively, they can choose to provide more training for more staff with the same budget and thus also increase the return on their investment.

Full access to learning contents and tools on a one-year licence now costs less than £1 per day i.e. less than a cup of coffee per day.



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