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About The Locus

About The Locus Learning Centre - the 'Locus'

The Locus is our primary self-study Centre. It underpins all the learning that takes place in the different learning centres on the Marshall Gurney Institute Campus.

The way in which the Locus is designed enables every individual to manage his/her own learning in a manner that what will best meet their needs, a manner that will best suit their personal learning style.

The learning technology and content of the Locus is designed to appeal to all learning styles by offering different learning strategies and different routes through the material. We place the fact that people learn differently – and are differently motivated to learn – at the centre of what we do. We are not about what people think of as e-learning; the Locus is a web-based learning resource through which people can study in their own way for the best personal return on their investment.

The Locus is, at its core, a vast and expanding body of knowledge, a resource to explore management, an advice and help centre, a monthly magazine, an intelligent dictionary, a set of challenging thoughts and ideas, a set of guided and unguided learning opportunities and a world-wide community for learning about management.

It’s whatever suits you and to help it suit you, we cater for your different learning styles by using different methodologies which you choose to use ... or not according to your needs and preferences.

Below we have set out a brief idea on how the Locus caters for the different learning styles.  These are not the only aspects of the choices available to you, but they do show the flexibility and adaptability that is available to each individual.


Convergent thinkers
Convergent thinkers will benefit from the knowledge exercises, primarily about basic management skills, which are in a true/false format. Those moving on through the learning cycle from Pragmatist to Activist (see below) will find that even these knowledge exercises are treated not as the final word, but as the starting points for thinking about management. The skills that are the subject matter of the exercises are debated further in related articles. Convergers will respond well to the pathways: guided routes through the material in the Locus.


Divergent thinkers
Divergent thinkers will benefit from the self-discovery exercises, which offer them the opportunity of thinking creatively about the options in management, using their own results to learn the alternatives in management behaviour. Divergers will use the teaser links in the Locus, exploring and creating their own routes.


Pragmatists will use the glossary to evaluate management terms and will use the case studies to test their learning and apply it to real life. They will also benefit from the ability to pose real-time questions to The Director – who answers every one. They will also appreciate the many articles on the site which are explicitly non-theoretical, giving practical advice for situations all managers face. They will also respond to the pathways giving them a defined route through the material.


Activists, the most likely to be bored by traditional learning, will appreciate the regular updates. They will be brought back to learning by the fact that there is always something new in the Locus. They will particularly like the sophisticated links, both those in-text and those indicating related material, which will enable them to find their own way through the Locus, to follow their own interests and explore. They will see the Locus as a monthly experience in management, one that enables them to pick up and explore what tempts them at the time.


Reflectors, who often find learning confining, will respond to the many thoughtful articles and exercises which offer alternative views, sometimes even contrary views, on management issues and concepts. They will look at all sides and make up their own minds. They will not be rushed. There is no time limit on their study or indeed on any exercise. Indeed, they will appreciate the opportunity to come back to the material whenever they choose, even re-taking exercises at will.


Theorists, who often find learning a little shallow, will appreciate the involvement offered by the Locus in research, in debate, and by the ability to contribute to the Locus in the form of articles, responses or critical questions. Contributions are always highly valued and The Director makes a special effort to help potential authors put their work into publishable form, offering advice and suggestions – editing and re-writing where it helps. Theorists will also respond to the use of models on the site, drawing the variety of management into rational form.

Learning Centres and the Locus

The Learning Centres, all accessed from the Campus, each provide learning guidance on the programmes they offer within their area of expertise.  This guidance sets out which study programmes to use and which materials provide additional support.  The programmes are all located in the Locus where the learning processes are enhanced by having all the required learning tools immediately available and fully integrated with the programmes.  And all the programmes are designed so that they can take advantage of the flexibility and adaptability which is in inherent part of the Locus learning structures and processes.

Further information is available inside the Locus when you are logged in.


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