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At the heart of Marshall Gurney Institute is a powerful web-based learning platform which hosts all our learning content, tools and other resources.  Called the Locus Learning Centre, or Locus for short, it delivers all the programmes offered by our own dedicated learning centres and the private corporate schools we host on our Campus in The Market Place.

The Locus comprises several thousand individual articles, case studies, presentations, book reviews, exercises etc. which we call our ‘assets’. Whilst each asset can and does wholly stand-alone, each one is also hyper-linked to other assets on the basis of common themes by linking key words.  For example, an article on team-working which includes a reference to motivation will be linked to further articles on motivation and also on to references and books by and about Frederick Herzberg or Abraham Maslow and others. The central data base therefore resembles a vast neural network holding a massive amount of knowledge and a large number of tools and other resources to help you learn.



The knowledge within this neural network can be accessed in four different ways:
Library Mode – opening any asset within the network will provide knowledge which will be linked to other assets; follow the links and browse where your will or your whim takes you. If you find an article which interests you but you don’t wish to read it now, just bookmark it and come back later.

Search Mode – the powerful search engine allows you to find knowledge or information about any subject which interests you. NOTE: The contents are divided into two major areas – Marshall Gurney Institute specific content i.e. belonging exclusively to the Institute and its members and General Content. You can search the categories separately or together; just select from the drop down menu alongside the search facility.

Choose a Topic – This is a ‘search macro’ i.e. an instruction pre-loaded with some set search criteria which saves you time in setting your own criteria. In this case, the criteria are based on the idea that there are around sixty plus management ‘topics’ which are searched all the time. We have listed all of these topics and by selecting any one, you will automatically find all the knowledge associated with that topic.

Follow a Pathway – Pathways are the most powerful learning facility within the Locus. They are guided study routes through the materials and each one is based on a single management concept and carefully designed to deliver a set of specific learning objectives. Each Pathway represents approximately 20 hours of formal self-study and concludes with a comprehension exercise to assess the level of learning achieved. Pathways are used as the basis for all our formally structured learning modules



The Locus contains five particular learning tools which aid study significantly:

Learning Adviser – helps students identify their own preferred learning style and then, on the basis of this information, provides customised advice to enable the student to use the Locus in the most personally effective manner.

On-Line Coach – this helps students identify and prioritize their own learning needs and develops a customised study programme aimed at meeting these.  The Coach is a fully automated tool which conducts an analysis of individual job or career requirements and an assessment of current capability.  It then looks at the gap between the requirement and the capability to develop its recommendations.

On-Line Feedback Assistant – this is similar to the On-Line Coach but uses the output of a formal feedback process or instrument, such as an appraisal or a 360°assessment, to develop its recommendations.

Personal Development Planner – this enables students plan and manage their personal development against their own set of goals and aspirations and forms a continuous history of their development.

Reflective Learning Journal – this enables students to record the actions they take in their work to implement their learning and their reactions to this experience. Reflection is a very powerful tool within learning and is essential for developing understanding, competence and confidence through personal development

The Exercise Suite – this is a collection of knowledge, self-awareness and comprehension exercises which provide detailed formative feedback through the learning process.  This feedback is essential for ensuring and measuring learning progress.



When a pathway is attached to a period of work-based learning and a formal assignment, it is called a Learning Module.  Each module represents 100 hours of study and successful completion enables a student to earn 10 credits which can be accumulated towards accreditation.

Code                   Description                        Study Hours
P                         Formal learning                              20
WBL                  Work-based learning                      60*
A                        Assignment                                      20
T                         Total                                              100

                       Academic Award                     10 credits

* Work-based learning is concurrent with ongoing work and therefore does not require allocation of additional study hours.

Individual learning centres at the Institute incorporate a number of different pathways into their formal programmes and students must successfully complete all pathways to earn the credit awards made by the centre.
Modules are graded to comply with the UK National Qualifications Framework and are offered at benchmark levels of 3, 5 and 7.  These levels are equivalent to sub-university, Foundation Degree and Masters Degree respectively in academic terms or supervisor/junior manager, middle manager and senior manager respectively in business/organizational terms.

A complete description of Marshall Gurney Institute Qualifications & Credits Framework is available here.



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