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Corporate Clients

Delivering effective development through blending web-based learning with corporate workshops.

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As an organization you can, together with Marshall Gurney Institute, provide

  • Individual access to self-development for higher personal and corporate performance through your own corporate school.
  • In-house blended learning programmes tailored to your organization’s own needs.

Your own corporate school

You can access our resources from any internet access point in the world whenever you can or wish to. Choose when and where you undertake your own development and retain a proper work/life/learning balance.

Because we are a web-based institution, we have secured massive savings in capital and infrastructure costs. We pass these savings on directly to all our students and members in the form of massively reduced fees without reducing our standards. You can have unrestricted access to all our self-development resources for less than £1 (GBP) per day.

One of the stated aims of Marshall Gurney Institute is to be an ‘omniversity’ which means we wish to draw knowledge and culture from many people and organizations. We work closely with other academic institutions and a number of consultants/professional trainers. We also encourage start-ups and smaller businesses to locate their virtual offices with us.

Corporate Programmes

These are programmes provided in partnership with and managed by corporate organizations. Marshall Gurney Institute role is to provide web-based learning support.

Individuals employed by the corporate organization attend an in-house programme customized for and managed by the organization. The individual learner prepares and consolidates the learning when it is convenient through Marshall Gurney Institute. This preserves a valuable work/life/learning balance.