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Educational Institutions

…. where independent educational institutions harness Marshall Gurney Institute’s technology and web-reach to deliver their own learning programmes.

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What you can gain …

Educational Institutions can access all the technology and content available within the Institute which means that you can:

  • harness the web availability to reach new markets which are either physically out of reach or constrained by time availability or work priorities
  • harness the in-built pedagogy and learning tools to develop and deliver new programmes quicker than conventional programme design processes
  • harness the web technology to secure massive savings in delivery, tutoring and administration costs

Each Institution can integrate its programmes with the existing Marshall Gurney portfolio or establish a wholly private and secure facility on the Campus or do both.

Marshall Gurney Institute

  • operates from a wholly web-based Campus and is powered by a unique dedicated learning platform with an in-built pedagogic structure and a wide range of diagnostic and learning tools available to learners and lecturers. It is available to all registered students at all times of the day from anywhere in the world via any internet access point.
  • contains a vast portfolio of management knowledge which is continuously updated and always available to all students registered with the Institute. This is accessible through browsing, searching, selecting search macros or through following structured learning programmes.
  • The Institute contains the tools and facilities for providing formative, reflective and summative feedback. It also contains supervisory tools for monitoring progress and social networking tools for creating supportive learning cohorts.

Educational Institutions @ Marshall Gurney Institute = new markets, quicker delivery and lower costs