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About our diagnostics

One of the major challenges in setting out on a programme of self development is finding out what you need to learn.  Not carefully diagnosing your individual learning and development requirements before you invest time and/or money in starting on your programme, can result in you studying on the wrong programme altogether or in getting your priorities wrong and starting with wrong subjects.  This is clearly wasteful and unproductive in time terms and can prove expensive in financial terms.  It can also prove to be highly de-motivational and put you off undertaking further studies which, in turn, may inhibit your career development.

The role of the Diagnostic Centre @ MGI is to make available a range of diagnostic tools suitable for helping individuals to identify not just what they need to learn, but also to help set priorities in relation to the challenges they face in their work.

What we measure

None of the tools available in the Diagnostic Centre are psychometric tools i.e. tools which look at who you are as a person.  Here at MGI we believe psychometric tools are outside of the realm of individual learning and development within a general business or organizational development context.  All our tools are behaviourally based i.e. tools which look at the behaviour you use, at what you do, in going about your work.  Because you can choose which behaviours you use, the extent to which you use them, and the situation in which you use them, you can also choose to change your behaviours.  We can therefore help you develop the knowledge and skill in identifying how and when to change your behaviour in order to bring about a higher level of personal effectiveness consistent with the values and ethics of the group, business or organization within which you are working.

About our tools

Further information on the tools available is given below.  Some may be free of charge, others require a fee to be paid and others may offer, or require, the services of a mentor to provide the personal feedback information being generated.   Please read the details given with each tool carefully and choose the one which is most appropriate to your requirements.

Detailed help and support is available from  wilf.marshall@mginstitute.com

The purposes of all diagnostic tools available with Marshall Gurney Institute are:

  • To provide information which can be used for identifying personal development requirements
  • To help individuals identify, plan and prioritise a personal learning and development programme
  • To help individuals secure a sound return on time and money invested in undertaking a personal learning and development programme

Diagnostic Tools

Customer Engagement Behaviour Analysis (CEBA) +

Customer Engagement Behaviour Analysis (CEBA)


CEBA is a powerful behavioural analysis tool, which individuals and organisations can use to improve customer facing performance.

The CEBA tool shows you how to look critically at your current customer facing behaviour, recognise what you need to do differently, and how to consciously change your behaviour to meet the changing requirements of your customers/clients to achieve top-level performance.

CEBA helps you recognise the actions that accelerate performance so that you can do more of them. 

CEBA helps you learn to identify performance blocking behaviour and stop it.

These are the secrets of successful customer engagement behaviour. The difference starts with CEBA.

CEBA can help you improve the contract closing success of customer or client facing people, identify the root cause of under performing customer facing staff, build closer and more effective relationships with existing clients, and ultimately  improve profitability. CEBA can be used effectively to develop both new business and opportunities within existing accounts or clients.

CEBA is suitable for all customer facing staff whether from marketing, sales, customer service, field service, product development, or even management.

The output from CEBA is a detailed comprehensive report containing full assessments, conclusions and recommendations.  The output is fully compatible with the learning and development resources available within MGI using either self-managed study or tutor-supported study.

CEBA is available for both individual or team use.  It is also available with or without mentor support to provide the feedback.


CEBA for individual use:

                                            without mentor support i.e. report only =£150

                                            with mentor support (1hr minimum) = £250

CEBA for team use:  POA

For access to CEBA, please contact wilf.marshall@marshallgurneyinstitute.com

On-line Coach +

On-Line Coach

The On-Line Coach is a powerful learning needs analysis tool designed help individuals and groups identify what is important and what is relevant in terms of investing their time and money in learning and development activities.

The On-Line Coach enables you to look closely at the knowledge and skill requirements of your current job - or your next job if you are preparing for the future - and to compare these requirements with your current level of knowledge and skill.  Through careful comparison of the job requirements with your current capability using twenty-seven separate management criteria, the tool identifies the gaps in your knowledge and skill and produces a detail report for you.

But this is not all it does.  By calling upon the vast library of learning resources within the Locus Learning Centre, the On-Line Coach develops a customised learning and development programme which it recommends you follow in order to close the gaps.  This programme is tailored around your needs and the output report is fully compatible with the Personal Development Planning Tool which enables you to prioritise and integrate your personal development programme with the other aspects of your work and life, thus adding to your personal work/life/learning balance.

The output of the On-Line Coach is a retained file in your personal record within the Locus Learning Centre and can be printed down for offline use.


The On-Line Coach is available free of charge with all access licences.

For stand-alone use for individuals, the fee is £150

For team or organizational use:  POA  Please contact  wilf.marshall@mginstitute.com

If you are already enrolled, to access the On-Line Coach, click here

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On-line Feedback Assistant +

On-Line Feedback Assistant

The On-Line Feedback Assistant is a powerful learning and development needs diagnostic tool specifically designed to work with other personal performance feedback tools and processes to extend their efficacy and benefits.

Many individuals and organizations make use of individual performance feedback tools and processes, such performance appraisal processes or 360 tools with a view to helping bring about performance improvement at either individual or organizational level.  Used effectively, these tools and processes have a successful track record.  However, they all suffer one major weakness.  Having provided feedback on performance and or capability, they do not provide detailed recommendations on what the individual or team should do to bring about change; they do not recommend what learning and development individuals or organizations should undertake to be more successful.

The On-Line Feedback Assistant can take the output of any feedback tool or process and translate it into a recommended programme of study for each individual.  Collation of individual recommendations can create an overall prioritised programme of study for teams and/or organizations.

The output of the On-Line Feedback Assistant is a report as a retained file in the Locus Learning Centre.  This file can be printed down for off-line use.

The output of the On-Line Feedback Assistant is fully compatible with the inputs required for the Personal Development Planner also available in the Locus Learning Centre.


The On-Line Feedback Assistant is available free of charge with all access licences.

For stand-alone use for individuals, the fee is £150

For team or organizational use:  POA  Please contact  wilf.marshall@mginstitute.com

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Innovation Behaviour Analysis +

Innovation Behaviour Analysis

The Innovation Behaviour Analysis diagnostic tool is designed to assess the culture and behaviour of individuals and organizations in relation to their ability and willingness to adopt and implement innovation processes and behaviours.

This diagnostic tool is currently being upgraded and will be released shortly.

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