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Welcome to the Consultants & Trainers facility at Marshall Gurney Institute

Our aim is to provide every consultant or trainer with access to the Institute's powerful portfolio of learning and development resources in a way which is mutually beneficial to all.

One of the stated aims of Marshall Gurney institute is to be an 'omniversity' which means we wish to integrate knowledge and culture from many people and organizations with our own in order to create a diverse and challenging learning environment.  To this end we welcome working closely with independent consultants and professional trainers.

When working with the Institute you have four core options available to you:

  1. Offer Marshall Gurney Institute programmes and resources to your client base as an extension of your own portfolio
  2. Enhance the power and effectiveness of your own programme offerings through blending our web-based programmes with your classroom programmes
  3.           Uploading your own programmes for web-based delivery
  4. Becoming a member of the standing Learning Resource Development Group within Marshall Gurney Institute to advise on and contribute to current and future resource offerings.


For more information on all these options, read the sections below.

Development Programmes

Portfolio Extension +

Portfolio Extension

Portfolio Extension

Marshall Gurney Institute contains a portfolio of around fifty structured learning programmes plus a vast library knowledge resources covering the range of management functions as applied to businesses and other organizations in the private, public and social sectors.  It is a powerful learning and development resource for both existing and aspiring managers.

To create such a resource from nothing would take a number of years, and is now unnecessary.  Marshall Gurney Institute is able to offer full access to all its resources, on clear commercial terms, to independent trainers and consultant for use as a part of their own portfolio of offerings to their clients.

This offering is enabled through the purchase and issue of Personal Access Licences for use by individual members of their client organization.   For further information on how these Licences are used, please go to the Individual Users section here

All learning at the Institute is delivered by our dedicated learning platform, The Locus Learning Centre.  Detailed guidance on how learning takes place in the Locus is available here.

To provide access to the Locus Learning Centre, it is necessary to have a Personal Access Licence for each individual user.  Licences must never be shared as the Locus maintains individual learning and achievement records.

Consultants and trainers are also provided with a Supervisory Access Licence in order that they can manage the learning and development of their users.

To set up your web-based learning project, please contact the Director by email at or through the Contact Us page.

Blended Learning +

Blended Learning

Blended Learning has been demonstrated as having significant benefits for learners and their organizations.

"In studies contrasting blends of online and face-to-face instruction with conventional face-to-face classes, blended instruction has been found to be significantly more effective."
US Dept of Education, 2010

1. Flexibility

A blended learning approach provides ultimate flexibility in presenting content. Complex topics can be presented in the classroom, while other subject matter can be available online. An online component,  increases flexibility and convenience over how and when staff participate in learning.

2. Effectiveness

Garrison and Kanuka (and other academics) have studied blended learning. Their research concludes that “blended learning … has the proven potential to enhance both the effectiveness and efficiency of meaningful learning experiences.”

3. Efficiency

With a well-planned blended learning strategy, it is possible to efficiently and quickly deliver learning to a broad audience. And with easily accessible web storage of all learning content, the potential for re-use is huge.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Including more web-based options in learning programmes saves on travel and time diverted from work. When delivering via the web, staff and trainer/facilitator travel costs are eliminated. When the venue is a desktop/laptop/tablet/smartphone, there is clearly a saving over large rooms!

5. Personalization

Any learning that is not well implemented can create an isolating, impersonal experience. But a well-crafted blended solution can provide a seamless transition from classroom to computer or vice-versa. It is possible to design ways of continuing discussion themes and personalizing content to each individual's or team's specific job or interests.

6. Extended reach

Almost always, creating a blended learning strategy reduces classroom teaching time. By digitizing the expertise of talented instructors or subject-matter experts, it is possible to reach more people with high-quality content at a fraction of the cost. That frees up knowledgeable instructors to offer more classes, or create more training content, or work on other things.

7. Covers all learning styles

It’s always important to take learning styles into account when designing learning for adults. Effective blended learning is a “best of all worlds” solution that can help cater to all learning styles through a variety of mediums and techniques.

A more detailed article on our approach to Blended Learning is available here.

To discuss the use of our Institute as apart of your blended learning delivery, please contact the Institute Director at or via the Contact Us facility.


Uploading Own Programmes +

Uploading own Programmes

A powerful benefit of the learning platform underpinning Marshall Gurney Institute is that to construct new learning programmes, or to upload previously designed classroom programmes, it is not necessary to utilize programming tools or any other specialist technically-based learning design skills.  Learning programmes in our Institute are built by linking text, audio or video based articles, presentations, or other media formats - often currently existing in the form of programme handouts or support materials - within the automated frameworks of our platform.  The platform utilizes the inherent learning design within an existing programme and/or the natural learning design skills of the training staff.

Not all programmes are suitable for web-based delivery or for conversion to blended learning, but the majority are.  And when this conversion is done there are significant benefits in terms of flexibility, learning-effectiveness, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, market reach, and accommodating differing learning styles across learning cohorts.

To read about our approach to Blended Learning follow this link.

To discuss the uploading of your own programmes, please contact the Institute Director at or via the Contact Us facility.

Using Diagnostic Tools +

Using Diagnostic Tools

Please follow this link to the Diagnostic Centre

Learning Resource Development Group +

Learning Resource Development Group

The Learning Resource Development Group is the advisory body constituted to enact the process of converting Marshall Gurney Institute from a 'university' to an 'omniversity' i.e. from a single source of knowledge and learning resource to a multiple source.  Its role is to advise on and contribute to the development of learning and development resources for the continuing development of both practicing and aspiring managers.

The Group meets three times a year.

The membership of the Group is drawn from the partners and clients of Marshall Gurney Institute and from external sources.  Membership is by invitation only.

Contact Marshall Gurney Institute +

Contact Marshall Gurney Institute

If you would like to discuss how Marshall Gurney institute can contribute to growth and performance of your consulting and training activities, please click the button below to contact our Director.

Enrol Here +

Enrol Here

To enrol an individual, click on the blue button to provide full registration information and progress to the payment facility.  Please ensure you always include your Partner Code.

To enrol several individuals, repeat the process for each person, or

To enrol groups or teams collectively, contact  or your local Institute Representative.