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Certificates of Professional Development

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Welcome to the Marshall Gurney Institute list of available Certificates of Professional Development.

Certificates of Professional Development are awarded to recognize a student’s level of success in satisfactorily completing a programme of study related to a specific learning module undertaken during a period of tutor supported self-development with Marshall Gurney Institute. Certificates are awarded at levels 3, 5 and 7 of the UK National Qualifications Framework, which is available here, and equate approximately to supervisor/junior manager, middle manager and senior manager roles and levels of responsibility respectively within business enterprises and other organizations. The certificates recognize a student’s level of academic achievement, practical application and overall comprehension in relation to the module content. Certificates of Professional Development are awarded with Pass or Distinction grades for achieving marks of 50 – 69% or 70% or higher respectively. Module specifications can be viewed by clicking on the ‘⨯’ alongside the Certificate Title in the table below. Where ‘⨯’ appears in Levels 3 and 5, different assignments are offered to reflect the different knowledge required at each level.

Code Title
NQF Levels
Notes (see below)
GM-1 An Overview of Management – Part One
GM-2 An Overview of Management – Part Two
GM-3 Change Fundamentals i
GM-4 Change Advanced
GM-5 Communication i
GM-6 Creativity & Continuous Improvement
GM-7 Culture of the Organization
SM-1 Customer Service i
GM-8 Decision Making & Problem Solving i
GM-9 Diversity
GM-10 Ethics & Business
FM-1 Finance for non-Financial Managers
GM-11 Ideas you should know about – Part One
GM-12 Ideas you should know about – Part Two
GM-13 Leadership Fundamentals i
GM-14 Leadership Style & Delegation
GM-15 Managing your Career/Managing Stress
SM-2 Marketing i
GM-16 Motivation i
SM-3 Negotiating
GM-17 Performance 1 – recruitment, appraisals, goals and competencies
GM-18 Performance 2 – coaching, tough love and winning
PM-1 Planning & Project Management
GM-19 Prioritising and Time Management
GM-20 Recession – managing through it
SM-4 Relationship Management i
SM-5 Sales - basics
SM-6 Sales Management
SM-7 Sales - key account management
GM-21 Talent Management
GM-22 Team Management Fundamentals i
GM-23 Team Management Advanced


i.    Where a programme is offered at two levels e.g. Change Fundamentals is offered at both levels 3 and 5, the difference in knowledge and capability is assessed through the requirements of the Reflective Learning Journal and the Assignment.  There will usually be additional reading required.

ii.   Level 7 programmes will be available in 2019

iii.  Interpreting the Codes:

GM = General Management;  SM = Sales Management;  FM = Financial Management
IM = Innovation Management; PM = Project Management; NE = New Enterprise
CM = Coaching & Mentoring