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Certificates of Achievement

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Welcome to the Marshall Gurney Institute list of available Certificates of Achievement.

Certificates of Achievement are awarded to recognize a student’s level of success in satisfactorily completing an assignment related to a specific learning pathway undertaken during a period of self-development whilst studying at Marshall Gurney Institute. Certificates are awarded at levels 3 and 5 of the UK National Qualifications Framework which is available at here and equate approximately to supervisor/junior manager and middle manager roles and levels of responsibility respectively within business enterprises and other organizations. The certificates recognize a student’s level of academic achievement and do not vouch for his/her level of competence in utilizing knowledge to manage effectively.

Certificates of Achievement are awarded with Pass or Distinction grades for achieving marks of 50 – 69% or 70% or higher respectively. Assignments can be viewed by clicking on the ‘⨯’ alongside the Certificate Title in the table below. Where ‘⨯’ appears in Levels 3 and 5, different assignments are offered to reflect the different knowledge required at each level.

Code Title NQF Levels
Notes (see below)
GM-1 An Overview of Management – Part One
GM-2 An Overview of Management – Part Two
GM-3 Change Fundamentals i
GM-4 Change Advanced
GM-5 Communication i
GM-6 Creativity & Continuous Improvement
GM-7 Culture of the Organization
SM-1 Customer Service i
GM-8 Decision Making & Problem Solving i
GM-9 Diversity
GM-10 Ethics & Business
FM-1 Finance for non-Financial Managers
GM-11 Ideas you should know about – Part One
GM-12 Ideas you should know about – Part Two
GM-13 Leadership Fundamentals i
GM-14 Leadership Style & Delegation
GM-15 Managing your Career/Managing Stress
SM-2 Marketing i
GM-16 Motivation i
SM-3 Negotiating
GM-17 Performance 1 – recruitment, appraisals, goals and competencies
GM-18 Performance 2 – coaching, tough love and winning
PM-1 Planning & Project Management
GM-19 Prioritising and Time Management
GM-20 Recession – managing through it
SM-4 Relationship Management i
SM-5 Sales - basics
SM-6 Sales Management
SM-7 Sales - key account management
GM-21 Talent Management
GM-22 Team Management Fundamentals i
GM-23 Team Management Advanced


i.  Where a programme is offered at two levels e.g. Change Fundamentals is offered at both levels 3 and 5, the difference in knowledge and capability is assessed through the requirements of the Assignment. There will usually be additional reading required.

ii.  Interpreting Codes:

GM = General Management; SM = Sales & Marketing; FM = Financial Management; PM = Project Management
CM = Coaching & Mentoring; NE = New Enterprise; IM = Innovation Management