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Besides our offering of schools our campus offers much more. You can meet up for a chat in the Locus Coffee Shop, buy your books conveniently in the Bookshop, book your leisure and business travels in our Travelshop or buy from our exclusive range of branded merchandise at the Instituteshop. Just follow the links below to find what’s available on our campus for all our students.

Locus Learning Centre

At the heart of Marshall Gurney Institute is a powerful web-based learning platform which hosts all our learning content, tools and other resources.  Called the Locus Learning Centre, or ‘Locus’ for short, it delivers all the programmes offered by our seven dedicated management schools plus the learning resources provided by the private corporate schools we host in the Corporate area of our Campus.

The Locus comprises thousands of individual articles, case studies, book reviews, exercises etc. which we call our ‘assets’.  Whilst each asset can and does wholly stand-alone, each one is also hyper-linked to other assets on the basis of common themes by linking key words.  For example, an article on team-working which includes a reference to motivation will be linked to further articles on motivation and also on to references and books by and about Frederick Herzberg or Abraham Maslow and others. The central data base therefore resembles a vast neural network holding a massive amount of knowledge and a large number of tools and other resources to help you learn.

You can access any and all of these assets by simply browsing (open any article and follow the links), by searching (use the powerful search engine to find Institute specific content or generic content) of by following one of our structured learning pathways.  It is all available for you, the individual learner, to access and use whenever and wherever you find it convenient to study.  The Locus will also preserve your learning record when use the exercises to test your learning and understanding.

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Locus Coffee Shop

The Locus Coffee Shop is at the heart of the Institute’s community of learners. Students, staff and faculty all use the coffee shop to meet, share and talk about many things – hopefully some discussions are about learning and management etc.

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