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The Manager Development School (MDS) is focused on providing one-on-one and cohort-structured, blended-learning programmes designed to develop individual performance, professionalism and future performance.  The School caters for individuals wishing to self-develop and organizations wishing to develop individual managers within their organization.  All programmes provide access to professional accreditation.

The Organizational Development School (ODS) is focused on providing facilitated, team-structured programmes, custom designed to develop organizational capability, performance and sustainability.  All programmes are designed and delivered against pre-determined outcomes.  Participants have access to the MDS for individual development where appropriate. 

The Technical Development School (TS)is focused on providing a portfolio of accredited IT/IS programmes in conjunction with our international partner, QA Training.  This portfolio is currently under re-development and will be released shortly.  

Marshall Gurney Institute, the wholly web-based management college, delivering performance and career critical personal development, on-demand, when it's needed, where it's needed, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

Built in needs analysis provides customised courses – learning at its most personal

Validated by managers and businesses worldwide – learning that is proven

Secure, active, and rigorous community – learning with and from peers

Focused, relevant, and challenging – learning at its most powerful

Wide access to full campus – learning without boundaries

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This is our commitment to you

At Marshall Gurney Institute, we believe that access to learning is everyone’s right. We aim to make the highest quality management learning and education available to everyone, wherever and whenever they wish to study and at an affordable cost. In doing so, we will help improve the lives of individuals, businesses and communities alike.