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The Institute

Marshall Gurney Institute is designed as a self-managed, self-development resource. The Institute contains a vast repertoire of management knowledge from the great researchers and gurus of the late 1950s through to the latest thoughts and trends on social media all of which is relevant to modern businesses and other types of organization in the private, public, not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors. There are case studies based on successful organizations and ‘how they did it’. The knowledge is organized within the Institute in such a way that it can be accessed just for reference purposes, for informal unstructured learning or for formal structured learning.

In order to help individuals plan and manage their learning, the Institute also contains a number of powerful learning tools, such as the On-line Coach for diagnosing learning needs and priorities, the Personal Development Planner for organizing individual learning activities, the Sales Behaviour Diagnostic Tool for learning about how an individual actually behaves when working with customers and many more. There are also exercises which test knowledge, pre- and post- learning and others which provide feedback on individual behaviour and approaches to management situations and challenges.

There is also a Reflective Learning Journal in which individuals can record their learning experiences as they use and implement their new found knowledge and expertise. This enable the process of reflection, a powerful and personal way of learning new things and developing new capabilities.

Finally, there is a complete social network available within the Institute allowing for unrestricted discussions with fellow students or faculty in the Coffee Shop or for focused discussions within a dedicated discussion forum.

Access Licences

An Access Licence does what it says … it allows the holder to access all the primary knowledge and learning tools within the Institute. It allows individuals:

  • to diagnose their own learning and development needs
  • to plan when and how they can implement a self-managed programme of personal development
  • to develop their individual capability and in-job performance
  • to prepare for a new job or for career enhancement

… and to do all of these things where and when it is personally convenient in terms of work pressures, personal life style and personal learning style … and at a very low cost.

Licence Periods

Licences are available initially for 4 months or 12 months. The shorter time period allows for focusing on a specific learning requirement with a deadline or for a trial period to find out if the Institute’s philosophy and approach suits an individual’s needs and learning style.

The longer period allows for planning more structured, longer term development and for greater flexibility for studying when working or living within a hectic or unpredictable environment.

To encourage shorter term licencees to extend their time studying with the Institute, an upgrade licence is available to extend the 4 months to 12 for the additional cost of a 4 month licence i.e. 8 months for 4 months.

To purchase an Access Licence, just complete the Enrolment Form