July 24, 2019






Chemical Search Management Academy is powered by and made available in partnership with Marshall Gurney Institute, a leading international provider of continuing professional development resources.

... developing performance, professionalism and potential

Chemical Search Management Academy

Chemical Search Management Academy is an additional service provided for all members and clients of Chemical Search International in order to encourage and enable performance and career critical Continuing Professional Development.

Chemical Search Management Academy offers all enrolled students full open access to all the learning resources available on the web-campus plus unrestricted use of a wide range of learning tools and the private social network and discussion forums.

You can choose what to study by simply selecting from the courses offered by the twelve learning centres available on campus.  Alternatively you can use the learning needs analysis tools to structure a personal programme of learning which guides your studies towards your own chosen aims and goals.  You also have a personal development planning tool available for scheduling your learning plus a range of tools for monitoring your learning achievements and progress.

At any stage you can opt to sign up with a tutor to gain additional help and support.  Similarly you  can choose to submit your assignments for formal assessment and accreditation.

All students pay a flat fee for an annual access licence.   Additional fees are payable for additional services e.g. tutor support or assessment / accreditation, whenever these options are selected.  Students can choose these options at any stage of their studies.

All learning and support services are fully accessible via any internet connected desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone devices.

All learning with Chemical Search Management Academy integrates fully with the Assessment and Career Consulting services offered by Chemical Search International.

Access to Chemical Search Management Academy

Access to the Management Academy is via the Enrolment utility.  Submitting a completed registration form will link you through to the on-line payment facility.  When completing your payment details, please quote CSMA15017 in the promotion code box.

Successful payment will provide you with immediate access to the Marshall Gurney Institute Campus where you can explore all the facilities at your leisure.  Access to the Locus learning Centre, the powerful learning platform at the heart of the Institute, will follow a short while later after the relevant security links and registrations have completed.

In the meantime, if you would like a free tour of the full Campus, please use the quick link below and provide the required abbreviated registration information.


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